How to Post On Instagram from PC (in 4 steps)

The official Instagram application allows you to post a photo only from your phone, but adding photos to instagram from your computer (PC) will in many cases be more convenient.

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?? – Cómo agregar una foto a Instagram desde la PC
?? – Как добавить фото в Инстаграм с компьютера

Instagram (also known as IG or Insta) is a photo and video-sharing social networking service owned by Facebook, Inc


? Suitable: Google Chrome, Opera and other browsers on Chromium.

1. Launch a browser and log in to the Instagram application;

2. Launch Developer Tools;

Press the F12 key or Ctrl + Shift + I.

3. Go to mobile application mode;

In the developer panel that appears, click the Toggle device toolbar icon (or press the combination Ctrl + Shift + M).

How to post photo on Instagram from PC
Developer Tools and the ability to post photo to instagram from PC

3. Refresh the page and post the photo;

We are updating the page, now we have access to the button to upload photos to Instagram.

  1. Click the plus sign below;
  2. Find the photo you want to upload, select it and click “Open”;
  3. Now you can crop the picture, add filters and signature and share it with your subscribers through all the usual social networks.

? You can upload only one photo from your computer to Instagram, you cannot add several photos at a time.

How to post photo on Instagram from PC (in 4 steps)

This article discussed how to post photo on Instagram from PC. I hope you were able to add a photo to Instagram from your computer. However, if you encounter any problems when adding a photo, do not hesitate to write in the comments. I will try to help.

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