How to Uninstall Norton Security antivirus (2 options)

Several ways to uninstall Norton Security antivirus.


  1. Standard uninstall
  2. Complete Norton Security remove (NRnR)

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Standard uninstall

  1. Open the list of installed programs;
  2. Select Norton Security from the list;
  3. Click Delete;
  4. Accept the deletion;
  5. Follow the instructions;
  6. Reboot the computer.
How to uninstall Norton Security
Removing antivirus through Apps and features

Complete Norton Security remove (NRnR)

Norton Remove and Reinstall tool helps to uninstall and reinstall Norton on Microsoft Windows operating system

Norton support

1. Download NRnR (latest version);

2. Run the downloaded file and accept the license agreement;

3. In the Remove & Reinstall window, click Advanced Options;

Complete Norton Security uninstall
Remove antivirus with Norton Remove and Reinstall

4. In the Advanced Options window, click the Remove Only button and click Remove in the next window;

How to remove Norton Security antivirus using Remove and Reinstall

5. Wait for the removal process to complete and restart the computer;

After the reboot, in the Remove & Reinstall window that appears, click the Close button.

Antivirus has been removed from the system!

When finding new ways, the article will be supplemented.

How to uninstall antivirus Norton Security (2 options)

How to to uninstall antivirus Norton Security was discussed in this article. I hope you can now uninstall Norton Security antivirus. However, if you run into any problems while uninstalling your antivirus, feel free to write in the comments. I will try to help.

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