Microsoft Intune policy enforcement on a Windows device

Microsoft Intune helps organizations empower employees to use their devices and apps while ensuring device settings are configured to meet compliance requirements.

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While Intune policies propagate to devices rather quickly, sometimes you need to speed up the process of applying a policy to a specific device (especially when setting up a test policy).

To enforce Intune policies on a Windows device, use:

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Company Portal

Microsoft Intune helps organizations manage access to their apps, data, and resources. The Company Portal is an application that allows people in your organization to securely access these resources.

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To sync Intune policy using Company Portal, run:

  • launch the Microsoft Store
  • launch the Company Portal application
  • open Settings
  • press the Sync button
Microsoft Intune policy enforcement on a Windows device using Company Portal
Company Portal device policy synchronization

Windows account

Force Intune settings to sync to your computer using your Windows account settings.

  • open Settings (Windows+I)
  • go to Accounts
  • select Access work or school
  • open the current account and click the Info button
  • in the Device sync status section, click the Sync button
Microsoft Intune policy enforcement on a Windows device using a Windows account
Azure Active Directory account settings
Enforce Intune policies (
Sync device policies with Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center

On the sync page, under Areas managed by…, you’ll see the Intune policies applied to this device, as well as the policy’s application status.

Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center

How to force device sync using Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

  • open Devices
  • open All devices and find and select the desired device
  • on the Overview tab, click Sync (or Advanced), and agree to start the synchronization process
Microsoft Intune policy enforcement on using Microsoft Endpoint Manager
Microsoft Endpoint Manager device synchronization with the Azure cloud

? This article discussed how to force a computer to sync with Microsoft Intune. I hope you were able to apply the policies and find out the list and application status of each policy. However, if you encounter any synchronization issues, feel free to write in the comments. I will try to help.

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